Crystal Gold Beads Necklace for Cute Girls

Crystal Gold Beads Necklace for Cute Girls

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Materials Brass
Stone AAA Cubic Zirconia
Pendant Size 22.5mm
Length 44+9cm
Weight 5.6g
Color 18K Gold
Model SJ011

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Product Detail

1. The 3D three-dimensional golden hollow leaf design is the biggest highlight of this necklace, which will no longer make this pendant look ordinary.

2. The small round beads of the chain add a lovely atmosphere, and with a white crystal, the whole necklace is covered with a sense of forest oxygen.


Exquisite products do not need tedious embellishments. The idea of this product comes from a natural forest video. The leaves are natural plants, and the beads on the necklace represent the dew on the leaves. That little crystal is like a beam of light. All the elements combine to give a sense of spring.

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