• Sparkling Moments

    Sparkling Moments

    The crystal clear light of diamonds is like the snow and ice in winter, clean and transparent, reaching people’s hearts. With colored gemstones, it shows the beauty of deep tranquility. Inspired by nature, jewellery masterpieces that sparkle like snow belong to the season. Dark Blue Ice If...
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  • 2021 Company Ceremony

    2021 Company Ceremony

    Position: 29°20’4”N, 120°3’26”E, Jinhua,Zhejiang Time: 17:00,10th,Jan,2021 A grand birthday ceremony and annual party, under the careful preparation of countless partners and countless family members, has begun. Let us look forward to it together. The fiery opening dance, ...
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  • New Year’s Activities – Chinese Paper Cutting

    New Year's First Day is coming , January 1st is the beginning of a new year. Shangjie Jewelry department’s manager Mary organized a great activity with her workers. She arranged us to clean all office first, including make up everyone’s desk, and clean the windows. Why n...
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  • How to choose a “single lady ring”

    With the development of society, more and more single ladies is more like enjoying their life and intend to be an independent workers! Sometimes high-profile for single lady will need a single lady ring to show! And most women will pay more attention to the quality, So t...
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