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Shangjie Jewelry Co., Ltd. was founded in 2005, focusing on the jewelry design and production industry, and is committed to building a "high-end jewelry production workshop" in China. We now have more than 200 employees, covering an area of 3,500 square meters. We have 15 outstanding designers,Who have visited New York, Paris, Milan and other fashion cities for many times to learn and observe, in order to keep up with the latest fashion trends. Then combines current hot trends with jewelry design to create high-end jewelry that can fully express the charm of femininity.

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17 years

Established in 2005


15+ Designer


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Since the early stage of development, SJ Store has been adhering to the business philosophy of "integrity and truth-seeking, cooperation and win-win". This is why our team has grown from 10 people at the beginning to more than 200 people. We have many faithful old customer who have cooperated with us over 5 years, the longest one is over 8 years, among this long-term corporation journey, the business scope of both sides have been extended form European to north America and Australia, now we have stepped the stage of business globalization together. We commit ourselves to build a strategic partnership based on deep corporation.

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How to make a perfect jewelry? It will must need the good design from customers. When the clients have a idea and after discussion with ours workers, the designer will make a drawing design for workshop and send the clients for checking, modification and confirmation.When the designer makes a 3D drawing, we will use the 3D printer to turn the design on the drawing into a real jewelry, and then use the jewelry as a model, and put it into the machine that produces the mold to start the mass production of jewelry.

In the first step, we will cut a piece of film about 5-7cm, which is usually made of rubber imported from abroad, which has good ductility and is not easy to deform, which is beneficial to the wax mold in the second step to protection.
In the second step, the template made by 3D printing technology is put into the plastic film, and the model of the jewelry is pressed out.
Third, through high-temperature wax injection, the melted wax is injected into the film in the form of liquid. After the wax is dry, we will get a wax-shaped jewelry that is exactly the same as the jewelry.
Fourth, it will be handmade by workers, and 150-200 wax molds will be glued together at high temperature. This process is very important and especially tests the skills of workers. If there is a mistake, a lot of materials will be wasted.
Fifth, there is a design with zircon, which will be hand-set by workers on the wax mold.
Sixth, inject the planted wax tree into the gypsum. The proportion of gypsum is very important. The proper cement will ensure that the surface of the jewelry is smooth after production.
Seventh, after the plaster is solidified, put it in an oven with a high temperature of more than 800°. Under the high temperature, the wax mold will completely melt, and the complete jewelry outline will remain in the plaster.
Eighth, sterling silver or copper and other metals are dissolved into a liquid at high temperature. During this process, a sanitary environment must be ensured. If a lot of impurities enter the metal liquid, the quality of the jewelry will be deteriorated.
Ninth, pour the dissolved metal liquid into the plaster and let it fully enter the outline of the jewelry.
Tenth, after the metal liquid cools, break the plaster, rinse, we will get the complete jewelry.
Eleventh, the obtained jewelry is polished by hand, usually we use a large specialized machine for polishing, and then perform delicate polishing by manual hand to ensure that every angle of the jewelry is flawless.
Finally, our polished jewelry is electroplated, and the surface is plated with a layer of pure gold, showing the color that the customer likes. After being beautifully packaged by our workers, they will be delivered to customers.

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Born to Brilliant for Women

SJ Store hopes that all our products have their own soul, and the faith we would like to convey is that every woman has her own light, no matter where you are, remember to let yourself shine! Making women wearers feel like receiving our jewelry is like getting a treasure, can bring more different color to their life. We aim to inspire the creativity and enthusiasm of women.



In order to avoid allergy, each products we produce have went through strict tests by the authority agency. We insure that the product you received do not contain harmful chemical material such as lead, cadmium and nickel.


We have the quality inspection department and a complete quality inspection process to make sure each products is in high quality. We promise what you see is what you will get.


We have established the clients service department to server each customer. If you have any problems or questions before, during or after the purchase, just feel free to contact us, we will respond you immediately.


Our factory is highly modern, we have equipped the high-tech and automatic machine. We are capable to using different material and technique to produce all kinds of jewelry. Such as brass, stainless steel and alloy, even the nobel metal like Sterling silver and solid gold.