Classic Claw Sterling Silver Engagement Ring

Classic Claw Sterling Silver Engagement Ring

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Materials S925 Sterling Silver
Stone SONA Diamond
Plating Tech Platinum Plated
Stone Color White Clear
Ring Size USA4#,4.5#,5#,5.5#,6#,6.5#,7#,7.5#,8#,8.5#,9#,9.5#,10#
Color White Gold
Model SJ021



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1. Classic claw setting style, using 6 claw setting, 360 degrees to protect the main stone, the main stone is selected from high-quality SONA diamonds, which are brighter and stronger, with high refractive index, rich fire, perfect cut, crystal clear , irresistible, impeccable hand-set technique, so that every small stone is firmly in place.
2. The ring setting is all made of 925 sterling silver. The side is hollowed out and carved with small zircon stones. Every angle is radiant. The 360-degree exquisite polishing technology makes every detail polished in place, so that each The product is smooth and translucent, and the inner arc of the ring wall is smooth, which fully conforms to the curvature of the fingers, which is very suitable for daily wear.Like a ribbon, it wraps around the fingers, light and textured.
3. The size of the main stone of this sterling silver platinum jewelry is 6.5*6.5mm, and the thickness of the ring wall is about 1.1-2.3mm. Wearing this ring will only make the fingers slender and very bright! This one wedding ring is also suitable for proposal,white gold jewelry for women, sterling silver materials avoid allergy. Whatever for wedding, proposal or anniversary, it is a good choice designs!


A ring, a true love, full of love and commitment. "Classic" means timeless, we used a classic round diamond and 6-prong setting for this ring, which is the most classic setting, when you're looking for an engagement ring or wedding ring for a friend, you might as well choose the most classic style, there will be no problem, and it will also show your taste. This sterling silver and white gold ring is all about the details to win. Many people will have the style, but only the details can be perfect for ours rings, capture hearts!

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